Custom Pendants

Welcome back! This week we have several new custom pendants to show you.

Dragonfly PendantDragonfly Circle Pendant

The idea for this pendant comes from a love of the dragonfly.  The circle pendant and dragonfly design are crafted from 18k yellow gold.  A satin finished leaf is done using 18k green gold.  The background is completed with scintillating mother of pearl.  

DreamcatchersDream Catcher Pendants

Drawing inspiration from a dreamcatcher, these two tone pendants were crafted in gold.  The 18k yellow gold web is surrounded by an 18k white gold border.  Each pendant is finished with a different gemstone center. 

Medic Alert NecklaceMedic Alert Pendant

This is not your standard Medic Alert necklace.  A 31mm domed pendant featuring a realistic, three dimensional Rod of Aesculapius.  The bright red enameling is complemented by the royal color of the 18k yellow gold.