Throwback Thursday: More Unique Jewelry from Images Jewelers

We absolutely love creating unique jewelry. Something that says, this is mine and mine alone is always fun to make, and fun to wear. 

Sea Turtle RingSea Turtle Ring

Who doesn’t love a cute sea turtle? For this project we helped a client design an engagement ring for his fiance who happens to love sea turtles. Our goal  for this whimsical design was to incorporate a turtle in the actual piece without drawing too much attention to it. On the side of the ring we added a wave design that the turtle almost appears to float on. Inside the shank we laser engraved the Route 66 sign as the client and his fiance have a special connection to a trip once taken there.  Piece crafted in 14k white and rose gold – design used customer’s diamonds from existing rings.

Alligator Ring

Reptilian couture! We just finished this awesome gator ringAlligator Ring for an avid outdoors-man customer from Louisiana. The American alligator was designated the state reptile of Louisiana in 1983. The word Alligator comes from the Spanish “el lagarto”, meaning the lizard. Native to the Southeastern United States, alligators construct burrows, or “alligator holes” for shelter and hibernation. They are also known to find shelter in swimming pools during the dry months.